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LEHIGH VALLEY Chimney Service and Repair Specialist

For REAL DEAL$ Chimney Services call your local expert at  610.867.7328 for professional  Chimney Repair, Chimney Cleaning, and Chimney Rebuild. REAL DEAL$ ROOFING & CHIMNEY. Co. is your local Prefabricated and Masonry Chimney Service and Chimney Repair Company proudly servicing Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas 



  Chimney Repair

With years of Chimney Service experience you can expect quality Chimney Repair in Pennnsyilvania from us at REAL DEAL$ Roofing and Chimney. Our certified and experience Chimney Repair experts are available 24/7 to provide you with professional Residential and Commercial Chimney Repair in Pennsylvania. At REAL DEAL$ Roofing and Chimney we specialize in Prefabricated Chimney Repair and Masonry Chimney Repair services which include Chimney Leak Repair, Chimney Flashing Repair, Chimney Brick Repair, Chimney Repointing and more. Call us now at 610.867.7328 to schedule a Free Estimate or for Emergency Chimney Repair.




 Chimney Inspections and CHIMNEY SERVICE!!

EXPERTS RECOMMEND AN ANNUAL CHIMNEY CLEANING AND CHIMNEY INSPECTION FOR ALL WOOD BURNING AND OIL BURNING CHIMNEYS. At REAL DEAL$ Roofing and Chimney co. we are committed to providing thorough, honest and professional Chimney Inspections and Chimney Cleaning in Lehigh Valley. At REAL DEAL$ Roofing and Chimney co. our Certified Chimney technicians will inspect and diagnose your chimney and fireplace during your Chimney Cleaning service and recommend and quote any repairs that might be needed. Call us now to at 610.867.7328 to schedule your Chimney Service in Bethlehem or for a Free Estimate.